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About Us


Fair Future - Experts in Gender and Intersectionality

Located in Singapore, Fair Future is a social enterprise specialising in social sustainability, business and human rights in Asia, from a gender and intersectional lens. 


Our roster of experts range from lawyers and experts on sustainability and human rights across Asia. They come with practical, sector-specific knowledge and native experience that is unmatched in the region. We are particularly unique for our expertise in gender and intersectional human rights risks and impacts. Our experts have decades of direct work and experience with vulnerable and marginalised communities, as well as, representing and assisting victims of a range of human rights impacts. Our collective legal experience encompasses work with indigenous women, disabled women, migrant women, trafficked women, and women victims of sexual and gender-based violence. These are issues which require delicate and sensitive handling, as well as, unique and differentiated responses and remedies. 


With practical on-the-ground experience with affected communities, we can give unmatched guidance to businesses to navigate social and human rights issues, comply with laws and regulations, and, foster collaborative partnerships with stakeholders across value chains. We embrace an approach that is practical, pragmatic and proactive – meeting businesses where they are at in their due diligence journey, and, catering our recommendations to meet the lived-reality needs of women and other vulnerable and marginalised communities. 

Founder, Fair Future

Fair Future was founded by Natasha Latiff, an international human right lawyer and ESG expert from Singapore. For the past 15 years, she has helmed two award-winning organisations which has tackled social and human rights issues in some of the most complex contexts, such as in Afghanistan, South Sudan, Colombia, and Kenya amongst others. Her practice has focused on discrimination, forced labour, sexual harassment and other unsafe working practices. She has led fact-finding missions, represented survivors in justice and remediation processes, provided technical advice to governments, businesses, international organisations and UN agencies and supported systemic institutional reform processes.

In addition to her direct work with victims, she has developed policies, strategies, action-plans, remedial plans, M&E Plans and SOPs around prevention, mitigation, protection and remediation of human rights risks and impacts. She has also led consensus-building with stakeholders to co-develop policies, strategies and put in place governance processes to integrate and implement ESG and human rights across functions and operational practices.

She brings to Fair Future a global network of gender and human rights experts and lawyers to serve a much-needed expertise within corporations to identify, address and redress adverse human rights impact on women and other marginalised and vulnerable groups.

Her donors, clients and partners have ranged from the US government, European Union, German Agency for International Cooperation and the United Nations. Natasha has a Special Relationship with Ashoka and won the Women of the Future Awards South East Asia for her mentorship work on human rights and social issues. In 2024, she was selected to join the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Program to solve the most pressing global problems in sustainability and social inclusion.